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Heavy Fest: Chapter Two - Worcester, MA - 18+


Hard copy tickets are $40 for single orders or $37 each for orders of 3 or more. After fees, we are saving you up to $4 a ticket when buying in a group!

During week of show purchases: Pick up night of the show at the venue beginning 30 minutes before the show opens. Shipping fee ($2) is the processing fee PayPal charges to us.

$40 - Single Ticket - PayPal, Debit, Credit:

$37 - 3 or More Tickets - PayPal, Debit, Credit:

Do you have a large group you're buying for? Text 203-675-7177 to discuss

Cash sales, Facebook Messenger payments, SquareCash and Venmo or to join our team for FREE ENTRY: 203-675-7177 or Live Support is Available: Click Here