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The Chop Drop Tour - New Haven, CT - all ages

Our will call sales have concluded for this show. There are tickets available at the door for this event.

All Ages


Crowell - NC [Riddim/Dubstep]
(Lowr Levls, SMOG)


Codd Dubz - NY [Riddim/Dubstep]
(Sewer Sessions)
From the darkness of his basement in Long Island comes a young bass driven machine by the name of Codd Dubz. Like many other metalheads, the grittiness of dubstep created a indescribable feeling down in his guts, and it wasn't long before he picked-up on it to start creating his own set of sounds. In the past year, Codd Dubz has made a name for himself with massive tracks that have been supported by numerous artists and his energetic performances behind the CDJs with quality artists such as 12th Planet, Moody Good, Hatcha, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Run DMT and many more. After his numerous amount of free EP's gained some well deserved attention, It all paid off with his first official release 'Zombie Attack EP' which made it all the way to number 5 on beatport dubstep charts.


MurMur - CT/NY [Dubstep]
(Mosh Squad, Scientific Sound, Reckless Dream Productions)
It starts as a faint MurMur in the distance. Getting closer and closer, and louder and louder, it begins to take over you. Possessed by sound, your souls are entranced to join the march of this army of lost souls as they dance forth to the beat of the pounding drums. These souls have been captivated by one powerful demon, the demon of music, the one they call MurMur. Armed with an arsenal of beats, MurMur and his army are coming for you, and you will be helpless but to join them, and surrender your soul to the demon of music.


Luke Luka - CT [Dubstep]
(Scientific Sound, Mosh Squad)
Riddim? Roddim? Ruddum? In the darkness side of the wubz. Luke Luka is addicted to the sound of the bass and the nasty sounds that comes through the speakers. Behind the decks, Luke Luka loves to throw Grime, Riddim, and Filth for the bassheads and the headbangers. 

WARNING: Luke Luka has a lot of energy, so it's going to get rowdy. 

When Luke was 14 years old and he was sucked into the sound of dub by the one and only Skrillex. 4 years later, Luke started to participate at local nights at Toads Place New Haven, CT. Now 20 years of age, Luke has opened for Zomboy, Must Die, Squnto, Subtronics and Mark the Beast. Many more coming up in the future. 



Alpha Riot - CT [Dubstep]

DUBSTEP OR RIDDIM?? Hailing from the east coast of the United States, Alpha Riot's combination of ear piercing destruction, twisted with a melodic future bass feel, indulges massive crowds with various interests. His violent, and aggressive, yet soothing tunes, will capture the soul of any crowd, and leave you satisfied... CONNECTICUT, are you ready to RIOT?


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