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Hyperglow - Niagara Falls - All Ages

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Friday, November 3rd | The Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, U.S.A.

Featuring DJ 4B + support artists!

LIGHTS OUT, and the night begins… This season Hyperglow Tour will give their fans a new experience that will take you through a journey of darkness into Glow! The Lights Out Tour will allow you to abandon your worries and step into a wild party as we get lit with thousands of people from all over the nation. Assemble your squad, Charge Up, and bring your own light into the darkness of Hyperglow!

Hyperglow Tour “America’s Largest Touring Glow Party” is growing into a one a kind Electronic Dance Music production and promotions company. Combining high-energy dance music with mind blowing Performances, Live Art, and Body Painting which is enhanced by an atmosphere illuminated in Ultra Violet Glow. Hyperglow Tour features some of the world’s most renowned dance music talent, in conjunction with leading-edge production and sound design, ready to glow America one city at a time.