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Wonderfruit Festival - A Celebration of The Arts

Wonderfruit Festival - A Celebration of The Arts


As we graciously put out our Summer bonfires and get closer to calling it a day before Autumn arrives, the golden light over festy season wanes with just a few gatherings here and there that refuse to admit to the inevitable dusk without one last kick.

But au contraire, flower children!

The light has not completely gone out, at least, not in Thailand. Oh yes, the mindful folks at Scratch First, a Thai-based organization aimed at putting on events that teach and promote sustainable culture, are keeping the candle burning into the very end of the year with their second installment of Wonderfruit– a socially and eco-conscious music and arts festival in Pattaya, Thailand – the first of it’s kind for the country. The gathering will be held over holiday for us here in the States. Winter escape, shall we?

Wonderfruit has gained the attention of musical acts such as The FaintSubmotion OrchestraDapayk SoloHowie B, and Thailand’s own Desktop Error, all of whom will be commanding the airwaves over the fields at Siam Country. Beneath, around, and between all of that musical goodness, Wonderfruit offers even more stimulation for your body and soul. Their mission statement reads:

“Wonderfruit is about bringing communities together in Thailand, to nurture collaborative, creative cultures and inspire celebration of the arts and the adventure of sustainable living.”

Some ways in which they will be achieving this gallant ambition are by providing festival-goers with lively and impressive activities, workshops, and adventures. Too chic to be shabby? Wonderfruit offers sustainable fashion workshops where you can design your own piece of funky fresh finery to strut around the festival grounds in, and we are all for stylish souvenirs, especially when you get to have a part in creating it! Two left feet? Find your rhythm and groove at a dance workshop! Chakras out of alignment? Head over to the healing village to learn about Reiki, Aura Soma, and the power of crystals. Do you find that people are talking a lot but not saying anything? Future philosophers can have at it during a refreshing conversation with one of Wonderfruit’s Scratch Talks sessions. Lovers of architecture will be able to appreciate all of the amazing and sustainable structures that adorn the area. There is also a live and working farm right on festival grounds where you can learn about mindful agriculture and even be taught how to forage and harvest by an on-site chef, who will then be using those crops to prepare for the festival’s communal banquet. If it so happens that you find yourself in a food coma after such a grand feast (and grand, it will be), try a morning bike ride along with a professional cyclist, or go for a run over the track. Once all the moving and dancing catches up to you, you can dip your lazy bones into a natural swimming pool, drink in hand from the tiki bar.

Whether you decide to put your focus on music, fashion, art, food, or body and mind – the ultimate goal behind all of Wonderfruit’s amazing offerings are for humans to be more conscious, aware, and loving towards ourselves and our environment. You can be sure that this festival will not be one which transforms into a garbage dump upon exit (you all know what I’m talking about). Wonderfruit Music & Arts Festival is sure to be as enlightening as it is entertaining, and that may just be the best type of party to attend.

The festival is family friendly and offers activities for children including kids yoga and storytelling, as well as a nanny service.

So celebrate yourself and everyone and everything around you, find out what Yoga of Bass is all about and more south of Bangkok in beautiful Thailand from December 17-20.

Weekend passes are also available for December 19-20 for those of you who are strapped for time.

Wonderfruit is an experience that will undeniably feed your heart and soul and leave you with a better understanding of and connection to the earth, and, let’s face it, will probably bang out 2015 harder than any other party. Have yourself a taste.

Check out this montage of last year’s festival while we await December’s arrival.

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